Gaye Horlick

Teacher Aide - Team Humanities

About Me


     My name is Dorothy Gaye Horlick.I work as a EA, First Nations and Metis awareness co-ordinator alonside other staff from division 42, I also oversee the Nutrition Program (New this year) for St. Francis of Assisi. I anticipate a busy year ahead of me.  My Wildly Important Goal this year is to spend less volunteer time at the school and more time outside in the community building new relationships.. I look forward to meeting parents at some of the school functions this year.


Lessons and Wisdom:  Here’s what I know...

    I have become way more confident in life as an adult.   I continue to work on myself and who I am.     I  know that if you do what you always have done, you will get what you’ve always gotten.  I firmly believe that I’m on a path that has been set out for me before I was formed in my mother’s womb. God has a plan for my life!!!!