St. Francis of Assisi Academy strives to provide programming options to meet the needs of  all students.  This includes offering several specialty programs and courses.

In addition to Work Experience, Registered Apprenticeship, Knowledge and Employability and Life Skills programing, we offer restorative credit, credit recovery and fast- tracking program options for students.

ZOOM- Restorative Credit/Credit Recovery and Fast- Tracking at St. Francis of Assisi

The rationale for the Zoom program is to provide students with an opportunity to earn credit in courses by demonstrating competency in curricular outcomes in a shorter time frame than traditional programming offers.  This program is especially geared towards students needing credit recovery options after having failed to meet course requirements despite already having taken a course through more traditional means.  It may also be of benefit to students wishing to fast- track courses in which they feel competent to complete with minimal direct instruction.

How ZOOM works . . .

· Students are accepted into the program based on eligibility

· Students attend Zoom program blocks and tutorials

While attending this program, students complete key assessments required to demonstrate competency in course outcomes.  These may be teacher- created or they may be taken from Alberta Education’s Distance Education modules.  Students will have access to tutorial assistance during Zoom blocks.  When students demonstrate competency in a course, they will be awarded credit for the course.  They may then register in the next level course.  If that course is already in session, they will be required to remain in Zoom until they have “caught up” with the current  course load.


This programming option is available to students meeting the following criteria:

· registered in grade 10-12

· with a minimum mark of 40% in the course or with a minimum mark of 85% in the prerequisite course

· have the approval of school administration

        - have not already attempted this course via Zoom

Transition/ Entrance to regular stream programming:

Students are eligible to transition from the Zoom Program into regular stream courses:

· after they have completed the prerequisite course- as the course begins or

· after they have completed the prerequisite course and are caught up and passing the current course via Zoom- if course is in session


· Attend tutorial times

· Complete assignments, exams, and projects as per pacing chart

· Remain in the Zoom classroom while classes are in session

· Complete a registration form for St. Francis of Assisi Academy

· Sign a Terms of Acceptance and Acknowledgement Agreement

Course Offerings:

Courses currently offered through the Zoom program include:

· Math 10-4, 10-3, 10-C, 20-3, 20-4, 20-2, 20-1

· Science 10, 14, 10-4, 20, Bio 20, Chem 20, Physics 20

· Social Studies 10-4, 10-2, 10-1, 20-4, 20-2, 20-1

· English 10-4, 10-2, 10-1, 20-4, 20-2, 20-1

· Religion 35

· CALM 20

A student is only permitted to register for a maximum of 2 courses at a time via Zoom.

Independent Study Courses

This program is designed to meet the needs of students  who struggle to keep pace with their course work or are unable to attend classes on campus.  Often this program appeals to students who are unable to attend classes on a regular basis  Other times, this program works well for students who work best at home and on their own.  It is important to understand that students choosing this route of learning need to be able  to complete their school work with minimal direct instruction.  Tutors are available to assist students, provide feedback, and answer questions but this is only during set tutorial times.

It works by:

· Students are accepted into the program based on eligibility.

· Students are given module learning packages and a pacing chart.

· Students work at home to complete the bulk of their work.  Once completed, they return it to the school.  As they complete one module, they are assigned the next package of work. 

· If students require tutoring or support, they may attend  tutorial blocks, email their teachers, or arrange a time for additional support.

· Upon completion of a course, students write a final exam at school.

A student is only permitted to register for a maximum of 2 courses at a time for independent study.

Other Options:

Blended Program:

Students taking off -campus courses may also choose to enroll in one or more courses on campus.  Any current offering is available to all students: however, most independent study students typically register for C.T.S. option courses or P.E. courses on campus.  They may also wish to participate by:

· Attending Project Week

· Joining Sports Teams and extra curricular activities

· Participating in Special Events on campus

· Earning Work Experience Credits

· Enrolling in R.A.P.